I don’t like the things, never cared for them. I like sparkling wine, I like orange juice, but I don’t get why you would waste a perfectly good sparkling wine by adding orange juice. Vitamin C with a buzz?

Festive? Yeah, I guess, but I sure feel a lot more festive faster with just sparkling wine. I was always told that you should always start a party with champagne. It hits the bloodstream faster than any other alcoholic beverage, elevates the mood and loosens lips. Bubbles are the perfect ice-breaker!

Loose lips sink ships! I guess I have reached that age where only a few of us would even know what that means, as it dates back to World War 2, when people had to be reminded not to share any information that could end up in the hands of the enemy. Does anyone remember Kilroy? He got all over the world with US troops, with his balding pate and nose over the wall, telling everyone that he had indeed been here. No, I’m not that old, but we were brought up with those images. I could tell the difference between an ME 109 and a Spitfire before I could talk.

What does that have to do with Mimosas? Absolutely nothing! Just my brain wandering around visiting all the useless information I have stored in there, but mostly can’t find when I actually need it.

So, back to Mimosas. I was persuaded, at brunch, on Scott’s delightful patio, to stop being a snob and try a mimosa or two. I have to admit, after my second, I found that I had relaxed, I was sociable and even friendly. No after effects. I could actually function after brunch! I could do that again! I had become a mimosa convert!

The next thing you know, we’re doing a promotion named March Mimosas. Our creative geniuses have come up with a whole program with wild mimosa flavors, like Strawberry Shortcake, Pomaraider (yes a Raider fan snuck this one in), Cider House and about seven other varieties including the Classic orange juice Mimosa, all at $5.00 per glass, breakfast, lunch or dinner for the whole month of March. Mimosas, they’re not just for breakfast anymore!

So it’s now Friday afternoon and I have started on my first Mimosa of the weekend. Cheers!

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