May is for Margaritas

So I did the obligatory research into the name “Margarita”, and found quite an array of legends. Was it named after Rita Hayworth, or after the German ambassador to Mexico’s daughter, or several other notable and wealthy Margarets, or a Ziegfield Follies dancer who was allergic to all alcohol except tequila?


The poppies are bright orange at the side of the road, mustard is in full bloom in the vineyards, fruit trees are buzzing with bees and the arrival of Alaskan Halibut to Scott’s Seafood on the River is imminent.


I don’t like the things, never cared for them. I like sparkling wine, I like orange juice but I don’t get why you would waste a perfectly good sparkling wine by adding orange juice. Vitamin C with a buzz?

Oysters, Yummy Little Beasties

OK, so you’ve never tried a raw oyster. Well it’s high time you tasted one! You are missing one of the most transporting experiences a person can have.

The Raspberry Jack

What a weird name for a dessert. It’s not a pudding, it’s kinda like a sundae, could be a parfait, but it is its own thing and so demands its own category.

Scott’s Cioppino

Clams, mussels, prawns, fresh fish, crab and habanero sausage in a spicy roasted tomato fennel broth!

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